We are COOP – Architecture, a collective of Architects, Artists and Designers co-operating on international projects in the cultural, social and political fields. We try to make a statement with the help of Arts, Architecture and Design.

From ideas that never have been shown, architecture that never has been build or places we would like to keep in memories because of their sudden deconstruction. We make it visual in virtual reality, architectural visualizations and animations.

With tools like 3D-modelling, photogrammetry and virtual reality (VR) we make the people from Porto and other affected cities attentive about the problems that our cities occur nowadays with the fast tourism.We reconstruct those lost spaces and make them last. It  functions as a pedagogical tool for children and students to learn in the future about the history of a city. We retain those places virtually for curious visitors in the future.

The power of Virtual reality and architecture are fundamental to the question of how the society and architecture should work together.

We call for attention; we create future memories; we make virtual cultural heritage.